At AMP (Advanced Manufacturing Program) we believe that introducing children to manufacturing from a young age will not only create a makers mind set but will also assist in their space planning and over all problem solving abilities while enhancing their creativity.

AMP for kids is all about the 3 dimensional thinking and planning while having fun.

We teach children how to create 3D models using the latest technological software as well as how to 3D print the models which they created.

Our curriculum is project based. Each project consists of various modules which needs to be completed in a step by step approach.

This systematic approach assist with project planning as well as giving insight into the wold of manufacturing. 

For more info vist our AMP4Kids website: or click here


Solidworks for kids is the a online based software created for kids to explore the endless possibilities of 3D modeling and giving them the opportunity to let their imagination run wild.

If you can dream it you can design it.

The only limitation is your imagination. 


AMP for kids is offered at various schools across South Africa as an extramural activity and some schools have decided to make AMP for kids part of their in-class curriculum.